I am Enough

I have days where I wonder how in the world I'm not certifiably crazy. I have days where I want to throw in the towel with The Peach because life would be much less hectic (at least I think it would be). I have days where I park my kids in front of the TV with their tablets for I don't even know how long, just so I CAN get stuff done without 2354238 interruptions. I have days where I am that mom coming into school on 2 wheels, breakfast still on my kids' faces, dragging them by their hands saying "hurry up, we're late!" Wait, who am I kidding...that's most days. I wish I could be that mom that has everything planned out way in advance and wasn't sending out birthday invites a week before the party. The one that showers, blow dries, fixes her hair AND puts on makeup all in the same day. The one that ISN'T driving the hot mess express to crazy town. But I'm none of those. I know this is a season of life and one day I'll miss it all, but living in it right now is just plain hard. I wouldn't trade any of it, though.

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